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    Hibbert Harwood Launches New Website to Celebrate Office Move

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    Branding and Packaging for James & Bailey Hair Care.  

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    Product and Promotional Artwork for Amargan Everyday Range.

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    Website and Video Creation for Tuffscreen.

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    Brand Creation and Shop Front Signage for Fine & Dandy Barbers.


We are a design and visual content consultancy. We help clients maximize their brand impact through creative, consistent and effective communication, both online and offline.

Latest From Our Portfolio

Latest From Our Design Blog

Having Swirl of a Time in Adobe Illustrator

Finding a new shortcut to a tool you never even knew existed is always good. Sometimes you find something that is not only really helpful, but unbelievably fun and completely addictive. 

Expressing Myself With Permanent Ink

Some people call it art; self expression, showing your creativity but others call it a waste of money, gaudy and say “you’ll regret it when you’re older”. There are many potential subjects that I could be talking about here, but there's one in particular that's rather close to by ankle, head, wrist and bicep. Sounds bizarre, so I’ll put it into context. 

Photoshop 3D Printing; Adobe Leading The Way

With the recent boom in 3D design, it’s no wonder that the creative pioneers over at Adobe have decided to front the 3D revolution. For the past few years, Adobe has been integrating 3D functionality into some of it's key applications to great effect. Adobe has pushed the boundaries even further with Photoshop's most recent update and has refined the 3D workspace to include 3D printing options. Being a great admirer of all things three dimensional, I thought I’d have a go at it and see it it’s pixel perfect or if it falls flat. 

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