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  • Multi-award Winning Design Consultancy


    Multi-award Winning Design Consultancy!

  • Website Design Agency Bath

    Web Design and App Design | PORTFOLIO

    Website and App interface design for SplitCab

  • 3D modelling Design Studio Bath

    3D Modelling and Animation | PORTFOLIO

    3D Modelling and Animation for Fybrid Technology

  • Graphic Design Agency Bath

    Graphic Design | PORTFOLIO

    Event Show Guide design for Bath Business Expo


We are a multi-award winning design and visual content consultancy. We help clients maximise their brand impact through creative, consistent and effective communication, both online and offline.

Latest From Our Portfolio

Fybrid Technology

Fybrid Technology

Fybrid Technology - 3D Modelling Designers Bath - 3D Animation Bath

Latest From Our Design Blog

White Magic; Building a Brand like the White Company

The White Company Effect. It is not uncommon for clients to ask us to create them a brand or look ‘similar’ to The White Company. It seems to be the most popular benchmark brand that clients relate to, especially for cosmetics or fragrance based products. 

Bath Life Award Winners Interview

Bath Life Award Winners Interview

Bath Life Award Winner - Design Agency Bath - Design Blog

Winning the Bath Life Award for the Creative Category was an amazing thing to achieve for such a young company compared to the other finalists. Below is when Bath Life Magazine caught up with Sophie after winning the award, have a read! 

Solar Eclipse through the HH Lens

As you're all aware Britain plunged into twilight for two hours on this Friday morning and we all witnessed a partial solar eclipse – a rare phenomenon in which the sun is completely hidden by the moon. Interestingly enough The Greeks believed that the solar eclipse was a sign that the gods were angry and death and destruction were on their way. In fact, eclipse comes from ekleipsis, an ancient Greek word that means obscured, or abandoned. 

The Art of Selling Something You Can't See!

Before Virtual Reality takes over our lives and re-invents advertising, 3D animation/modelling has proven to be the ultimate way to showcase a product. Especially those that can't be seen!  

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