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    Multi-award Winning Design Consultancy!

  • Website Design Agency Bath

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    Website and App interface design for SplitCab

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    3D Modelling and Animation for Fybrid Technology

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    Event Show Guide design for Bath Business Expo


We are a multi-award winning design and visual content consultancy. We help clients maximise their brand impact through creative, consistent and effective communication, both online and offline.

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Fybrid Technology

Fybrid Technology

Fybrid Technology - 3D Modelling Designers Bath - 3D Animation Bath

Latest From Our Design Blog

Design Matters Braves the Heat

Yesterday our Chairman, Martin Spiller, gave a presentation to a at Creative Bath's Design Matters talk. The topic chosen was how to stand out from the crowd and deliver a Return on Image from design. Despite the heat the room was cool and in the circumstances was well attended with an interesting presentation and some very interesting questions about the topic. 

Mobile Ads and Mini Videos - Digital Marketing Trends 2015/2016 to Help You Build Your Brand

In my mind there is no such thing as digital marketing. It is simply marketing. Digital marketing should not be treated as something separate or isolated from your traditional marketing messages, instead digital marketing is actually the extension and evolution of your traditional marketing to utilise all the new ‘digital’ platforms that are available to you. ‘Digital marketing’ is great as it allows you to connect with a large audience quickly, innovatively and at a relatively low cost. 

Adobe DPS - New Ways to Engage

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on our HH Interactive Magazine, in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and we’re working on publishing it very soon! For now, have a read and see why digital publishing is one of the best new things around in designer world. 

David Austin Roses Chelsea Garden 2015

The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Chelsea Flower Show is underway and our client, David Austin Roses are showcasing a few of their incredible range of beautiful roses and once again it definitely didn't disappoint. Winning 18 Gold medals in the past at Chelsea is an amazing feat for any company who shows there. David Austin Roses were awarded the Gold once again this year and it's a very well deserved Gold too. 

Could your Business Benefit from a Brand Communication Review?

Could your Business Benefit from a Brand Communication Review?

Could your business benefit from a Brand Communication Review?

We are often asked by potential new clients, “Can you just take a look at my branding and see what you think?”. You may think this is dangerous territory, should you be brutally honest and risk loosing a potential client or do you tell them it is wonderful and hope to get the work knowing it could be better? 

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